Don’t let me go unnoticed god, don’t let me go unrealized.  I have you tattooed on my torso, and when I got that cross, I wanted it to fill me literally with your spirit so completely that I came too many times bursting with king tides.

this tapestry of feelings and soft hugs.  how did you fit so perfect.  does this  exist or are we just so lucky? 
have you ever heard someone tell you that you're special and believed it.  some magnitude brighter than the rest.   many experiences with empathy and love.




one day the air felt like silk moonlight.  but the ice cream truck didn't come until 3:30.  And a hard ten came at me steamrolling like water doubled over. then i knew I was in love.  and it did not stop, it kept building stronger.  vinyl swept heavenly angels and  generational karma burst through me as beignets of  lightning and thunder left me erect.  

if i could find the color to describe how i felt you would go blind, you would die ten thousand times and come harder than forged steel. enigmatic undulations rippling like the calmest lake.  there was a crow named Sabestian than came to my window, but i could never understand what was on his mind, intuition would tell me that this amiable look had something that cared.  

the blacksheep that never figured it out, went the path every wanted,  scared of your own desire, whispered ewwws  and whys perturbed you.  

what do you expect with such treacherous tendencies.  society's mirror, the benchmark for normalcy.  and these are good judges of lives that work, and for good reasons.

but what is entertainment then?  drugs, violence, and many illegal things are the darling of the industry. q4 looking strong.  the book Catch 22.  life is one big Irony, but I think it is good to have goals like win on Jeporady or especially Beat Bobby Flay.  Don't dismiss cavalier pumps.   

I heard if you put tomato sauce on a cat that has been sprayed by a skunk it helps.  but thats the difference in a few stripes, and big sunflowers bloomed that august.  there was a girl that caught my eye one time, but it seems my desire never met its match.  it has tasted flavors fleeting and cresting, but my soul but never consummated;  I almost died once swimming to a bouy in Lake Tahoe on on a dare.  but the feeling i was seeking was much richer than death.

after an apache sunrise I don't know what happens. 

courage is something that babies somehow inherently know from when they are born and

 baptism only makes it stronger.  your favorite fragrance is me.